Alright, where am I gonna park?

The Fairgrounds has reserved their West Como Lot for us Pumpkinheads! It's located directly across the street from the Pumpkin Nights entrance, 1719 Como Avenue. Best part? Parking is $free.99.


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Can our canine friends join the fun?

Pumpkinheads, unfortunately this is a hard no. No if, ands, or buts about it.

Unless it's a service animal.

You can, however, sport your best canine or feline costume...

Where (and when) can i purchase tickets?

You can purchase Pumpkin Nights tickets online OR at the door.

Be sure to check out our Steals of a are up to 50% off!

what if the weather is spooky?

No need to sweat! Pumpkin Nights is a rain, snow, or moonlight event. We'll only close our gates when the public's safety is at stake!

I can't make it to the Festival. Can I get a refund?

Tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferable! If you can't make it to Pumpkin Nights (we'll sincerely miss you) give the sweet tickets to a friend. They'll love ya forever.

What does one wear to pumpkin nights?

Your Halloween best! It's time to pull out your costume and fully embrace this time of year. Remember, masks are a-okay but leave those props and weapons at home (or in the car), tiger.

This is an outdoor event, so dress appropriately for the weather. Nothing harshes a Halloween mellow more than cold fingers and toes. We're speaking from experience.

Is this a family friendly event?

Yessiree bob! The young and young at heart will fully embrace each and every world they encounter. While there are spooky elements (read: fog machines, coffins, 20 foot inflatable spiders), we left the jump scares, blood, and gore on the shelf.

How long is the walking path?

A half-mile of pumpkin fun and enchantment await! If you want to be on the nose, your fancy step tracking devices will say 0.53 miles.

The path is wheelchair and stroller friendly!

Tell us more about this vendor-pumpkin-Patch area.

You're in for a real delight halfway through the path! We've gathered the cream of the Halloween crop when it comes to food and beverages (hot cocoa, cider, and seasonal treats), set up a pumpkin patch for you & your punkin, are selling Pumpkin Nights memorabilia, and our spirited sponsors will fill you in on the latest Halloween gadgets & gizmos.

This area is also where our restrooms are located - keep this in mind, just in case.


No-siree bob! We're keeping things squeaky clean in the festival area. In lieu of booze we're serving up hot cocoa and cider! And don't forget a side of those scrumdiddlyumptious tater tots. Yummmmmm.